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Friend Of Yours Cover Art

Connection, trust, empathy, playfulness, is what makes us stick up for each other. "Friend of Yours" praises the importance of meaningful friendships in our lives and it's that friendship anthem you've been looking for.


This smooth deep house track is a remote collaboration between Jonathan Touch and Pammi Pasqual featuring Elena Titirla on the vocals. From England to Greece, from Russia to Cyprus, during 2021 and between lockdowns and tough restrictions, reality and dystopia, the artists managed to remotely collaborate and create this meaningful track that hopefully speaks to your heart.


The track released officially this February by Audiothink Records, accompanied by a music video that had been shot in Hanover, Germany. Go on then, listen and watch the video on Spotify, Youtube or in this homepage. Don't forget to share the love with your best mates, no matter where they are, because we can overcome any hardship as long as we are mentally TOGETHER.

Pammi Pasqual & Ress Dean - All I Wanna

''All I Wanna Do''  is the third single for Pammi Pasqual in 2020. The track is the final single release prior to his debut album which has been rescheduled for release later in 2021. 

This is an original tune which combines comercial pop vocals with a tech house production. It is deeply influenced by the vocal production of Jax Jones and the underground sound of Jack Back a.k.a David Guetta. Pammi Pasqual & Ress Dean tried to combine those two worlds and came up with an uplifting club banger that blends perfectly commercial dance music with elements from the electronic underground music.

Pammi and Ress Dean firstly collaborated back in 2018 with a House track called ''Bounce''. Since then they spend days and nights in the studio and except from their latest release ''All I Wanna Do'' they have been working at more productions which are more likely to get released by 2021. 

Their track ''All I Wanna Do'' released on the 13th of November 2020 and it's available at all major music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play. 

Pammi Pasqual ft. George Ryan - Far From

''Far From Home'' is Pasqual's 2nd single release this year , released at 19th of June 2020. A track which shows major sonic characteristics of his Debut Album which is going to be released by 2021. Collaborating with the talented singer from Southampton,U.K, George Ryan, he created a song which is dedicated to those living life ''Far From Home''. The track gained big support  by ''Like That Underground'' and ''Melodik Minds'' who premiered it while ''Data Transmission'' supported the EP sharing it with its 122k followers on Soundcloud.


Pammi Pasqual wrote the song almost 7 years ago when he immigrated to the U.K, after the long lasting and damaging economical crisis at Greece. This original song carries loads of emotions, feelings and memories which is a major characteristic of Pasqual's song-writing.


Melancholic, nostalgic lyrics combined with heavy synth leads, mellow synthesised guitars and deep baselines, make this electronic dance tune a song worth listening indeed.

Alongside with a powerful melodic House remix by Alexander Tomas, the EP is now available at all major music platforms such as Spotify, Beatport and Apple Music.

Playdance Livestream Hosted by Pammi Pas

No doubt we are living extraordinary and challenging times within this COVID19 era. Self-isolation and social distancing measures made us lock ourselves in, facing a lack of social interaction and extreme boredom.


While the events industry is on a coma and no partying is allowed, we decided to act and launch our ''Playdance LiveStream'' Show where we bring the party and these weekend vibes at your house.

120 minutes with a live dj set, shout-outs, dance, booze and non-stop positivity are now ON AIR breaking into you home every Saturday evening between 4 to 6 p.m (BST). 

Connect with Pammi Pasqual and his artist page on Facebook and enjoy the party every Saturday evening.

Pammi Pasqual - Data Transmission Radio.

 Pammi Pasqual's monthly Radio shows for Data Transmission Radio, one of the world's biggest underground music platforms, postponed due to the COVID-19 situation.


However, Pasqual is planning to launch the ''Playdance Livestream Shows'' for as long as the lockdown lasts in the U.K. The show will run on a weekly basis and most likely during the weekends. Fresh music, exclusive tracks and music news on a show full of energy, live-streamed on Facebook.

Stay tuned for more details to be announced soon.

Infected-Facebook-1200x628 (Coming Soon)

Inspired from London’s warehouses that turn into crowded night Clubs, where people lose themselves and leave all troubles outside the dance-floor. Where the crowd is lost in the dark and uplifting grooves and beats, lives for the moment, the feelings and the hedonism of the night. Where people grave for sounds that move body and soul, for melodies carefully blended by the “maestro” disc jockey. Where everyone is united as one with their hands on the ceiling, where pleasure is the purpose of the moment, and past or future don’t exist.

That’s the #INFECTED track and we are all “infected with House music'' .

A collaboration between the DJ/Producers Pammi Pasqual and Alexander Tomas with the talented  France singer Bambie on the vocals. The release will be released broadly at all major music and streaming platforms on 24th of April 2020 by Playdance Records, accompanied with a banger progressive house remix from the DJ Duo TWO-R.

2019 Summer Tour .jpg

This is the first time when Pasqual tours in three different countries at once. 

The tour starts from N.Greece where he performs for first time after ten years. Back to where he started from with three dates at Kavala, Serres and Thessaloniki.

Then he travels to Cyprus just for one date at Nikocia where he performs a DJ set with live saxophone played by KyriSax who performed lately at the well-known Ibiza beach club Ocean Beach.

Returing back to the U.K in September, he starts his residencies for 2019-20 at ALL BAR ONE and Royal Holloway University of London. The highlight of the tour is his last date where he will play a warm-up DJ set for the internationally known D&B DJ's Chase & Status. 

The majority of the gigs are free of entrance fee, however for the Chase & Status gig at the Royal Holloway University you can find tickets following the link.


Since 2015 Pasqual has been working at the studio in order to produce his first debut album. In 2018, he released three tracks showing some signs of what's coming up. Collaborating with up and coming artists such as Ress Dean, Marconi's Chin and Luke Thrundell he released three singles which you can listen and get one i-tunes, spotify and apple music. 


His first single of the upcoming album is called ''Infected'' and is a collaboration with an old friend and DJ/Producer Alexander Tomas and a France melancholic pop singer Bambie.  They joined forces to produce a Dance track highly influenced from artists such as Camelphat and Jack Back. Pasqual's album sound comprises elements from deep house, techno, mellow vocals and acoustic sounds from guitars, trumpets and saxophones. What describes his music the best is the work of producers such as Claptone.

''Infected'' will be released on the 24th of April 2020 by Pasqual's owned record label Playdance Records. Two more singles will follow until mid 2020.


In late 2017, Pasqual launched his own record label Playdance Records. This way he wants to promote the music of talented artists he knows and met throughout his career while he promotes his own music as well. 

The label aims to promote good quality dance music similar to the sounds of Defected, Exploited and Get Physical. Pasqual wants to add his personal touch with acoustic instruments and in many occasions deep meaningful vocals something that rarely exists in dance electronic music.

However, due to personal reasons the label was very inactive in 2019. Nowadays, Pasqual is working on re-launching the label with many quality releases coming up from late 2019 onwards.

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